Frozen fruit pieces maintain all the succulence of a freshly picked fruit but with a longer shelf life and many more uses. Juicy, fresh fruit pieces are frozen to allow you to enjoy them in a bright medley of snacks and dishes.

Specifications are available from the manufacturer on request.

Juicy fruity pieces picked, packed and frozen directly from the source.

Good and natural produce is essential for healthy living; and thanks to Frutivo’s Frozen Fruit Pieces, each fruit slice is washed, peeled, sliced and ready to eat so you can enjoy the goodness of zesty fruit flavours and juices without the hassle. 

The finest Eastern Cape Oranges & Ruby Grapefruit are picked, packed and frozen to ensure all the essential antioxidants and nutrients are locked in; giving you a healthy, on-the-go selection of fresh fruit pieces to add that zest to any meal or menu.