Welcoming a refreshing taste creation... Bits o' Juice is a refreshing taste innovation and the perfect substitute for conventional hand-squeezed lemon wedges. Simply, 100% natural lemon juice pods wrapped as nature intended. So go ahead, add a little and taste a lot. To view our data sheets click here

We have no doubt you'd love to spend less time in the kitchen and yet still serve your family delicious healthy food. With Bits o' Juice, this really can happen.

No more sticky hands, pips or soggy lemon juice floating on the plate. Bits o' Juice supplies all the zesty 100% natural flavour with none of the mess. And this is how we do it:

Step 1:
Sun-ripened citrus fruits of the highest quality are individually selected. The citrus fruit is processed through careful removal of the skin and pith.

Step 2:
Each fruit is then meticulously separated into their individual segments.

Step 3:
They are then cryogenically frozen and gently shaken into individual citrus pods, all the while retaining their natural goodness.

Step 4:
When thawed, each juice pod is still housed in the membrane provided by nature.

Benefits over conventional squeezed lemon:

  • Minimizes preparation time (no labour)
  • Quick and convenient - thaw and use
  • All natural and authentic citrus flavour burst
  • New and interesting - kids love them
  • More versatile - adds vitality to any meal without compromising other flavors - get the kids to eat more veg or salads by sprinkling with orange or lemon pods
  • No pips
  • No sticky hands
  • No stinging eyes or mess
  • No soggy lemon juice floating on the plate

The final result - an intense, fresh and pure citrus burst that adds zest to chicken, fish, vegetables, salads and drinks.